Realtor Referrals

Maximize your value

In a hot market you may think any Realtor can sell your home.  After all, buyers are snapping up properties right and left, aren’t they?  Well sure, but since your home is likely your biggest asset, maximizing it’s value is important, and for that you need the right Real Estate agent.

It’s important to hire a Realtor with the right experience and someone who is engaged and involved in the community. Someone who has years of experience in local markets and sells consistently year-round will make you money. They will use a range of marketing tools including consumer facing channels such as ‘For Sale’ signs and brochures, newspaper ads and websites, but also their network of Realtors, to get you the best deal in a reasonable amount of time, and for a fair price. An agent who knows your neighborhood well will also know how to price your home to get top dollar while ensuring it doesn’t languish on the market for months because it’s over priced, or end up leaving money on the table. They’ll know what’s sold recently, what’s on the market, and how to position your home to best advantage. Most importantly, though, is hiring a Realtor that isn’t interested in making just any deal for your home, but in making the deal that is best for you.

We can refer you to a number of Realtors with this kind of expertise, as well as experience working with seniors specifically to optimize your home sale.

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