Space Planning

Success starts with a plan

Space Planning and Floor Plans are the road map to a successful move. We measure your space and furnishings, and create a layout that works for your lifestyle. We help you determine what you can take to your new home, what you need to purchase, and help you visualize your new space.

With experience in home design, space planning and interior design, we provide drawings to illustrate furniture layouts, lighting and how your new home will look and feel when you arrive. Space planning ensures that you will have a place for everything, from your kitchen to your closets.


When it’s time for a refresh or a whole new look

No two spaces are the same, and what works in your existing home may be too big, the wrong shape or the wrong look for your new home. You may want to replace a few pieces or the whole shebang!

Either way, we can help you with recreating the feeling of your home in your new space, or creating a new look to go with your new layout. We start with the space plan and work with you to define your needs and budget, and then find a selection of pieces for you to choose from. What could be easier!


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